Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Update on Stolen 08 Giant STP Single-Speed

I just received the following email from Matt the owner of a stolen bike we posted here.

"Fantastic news. Yesterday me and two of my good friends rode out fixed
gears down to St. Augustine. It was an excellent ride and a beautiful
day. When we had arrived we sat down for lunch when I recieved a call
on my cell phone from a number I didn't recognize. I decided not to
answer as I had already received one wrong number call that day.
However, my friend Alex insisted I pick up because it could be someone
about my bike. I somewhat reluctantly answered only to find myself
talking to an Officer Smith of Jacksonville Sheriff's office. He told
me he had recovered a Giant STP on 16th and Main street earlier that
day. He had said the bike was just leaning up against a wall and
looked too out of place to be there. He asked a few people around if
it was theirs, but no one claimed it. So out of a gut feeling he
hauled it in. I'm not sure how exactly he found out it was mine or
found my number, as he wasn't aware of my previous police report, but
somehow he did. He did an excellent job of verifying the bike was
mine, even without the serial number by calling up Champion. I went
and picked up today, the seat was incredibly high and the brakes were
a little off, but otherwise it is in great shape. I can't thank
Officer Smith enough on this, he followed his gut on and was able to
notice that my bike was out of place. All in all a rather sucessful
story and once again, many lessons learned.

Congrats to Matt for getting his bike back. And lets give big kudos to Officer Smith of JSO. Officer Smith, I think Matt is buying the beer.


Anonymous said...

Great news! At least it wasn't trashed, always good to have a happy ending, especially in real life:)

fridrix said...

Yay! Did you shed a tear of joy at your blissful reunion?