Monday, May 5, 2008

Bury Your Bike Allycat

The Bury Your BIke Allycat wrapped the up the 3 days of festivities of Zombie Bikes Co-Op opening. I think it's safe to say that a good time was had each and everyday and and way into each night.

I stationed myself at Cycledelic Fixity the seventh of ten check points for the allycat. This wasn't your typical allycat. This allycat wasn't just long at 22 miles in length. It was down right abusive to the riders. Riders were arriving at the check point I was at covered in flour and other miscellaneous colored fluids after being pelted during their travels. Then there were the bike riding zombies that were chasing and ambushing the riders. If a rider was chased down and tagged by a zombie you had to turn around return the previous check point making that 22 miles just that much longer.

I have no idea the total number of participants. I do know that groups of cyclists made the drive from Gainesville, Orlando and as far away as New Orleans to name a few. Every rider that came through the check point seemed to be having great time.

The guys and gals of Zombies Bikes did good job of putting things together for the weekends evnets. I also think that thanks needs to go out the guys at Burro Bags and Cycledelic Fixity for sponsoring the weekend events.

Bury Your Bike Allycat Pics


Second_Pancake said...

3 words: Argh. Argh. Argh.

No, today is not talk-like-a-pirate day. I'm just expressing my frustration over not getting to see any of this because I didn't know it was going on!!! Seriously, do these guys need a PR person? Do they need a project manager or event coordinator? I think they do and I'm offering my services, free of charge, for the public good.

You may have seen my husband and I on Saturday. We were coming back from the Shrimp Fest down Main St. and stumbled upon the activities at the bike shop. We pulled in and watched just to see everyone wrapping up. "We're going to Wild Bill's", they said, for more "activities."

We drove on over there where we sat. And sat. And drank. And sat. Finally at 9:35 we left. Aside from some drunk girl getting pissed off at something some other girl's significant-other said and throwing a beer on him, there was no real action. I don't know. I guess I had expectations. I figured a bunch of fixy kids would be throwing down a serious party and setting each other on fire with flaming jousting poles, but alas, I felt like I was in high-school again, sitting in the corner, watching all the cliques in their little groups. ~sighs~

Why didn't any of the major bike shops have flyers for this event, btw? Are the hipsters against spandies so much that they just don't want us there? Roadies are people too, ya know:-(

URBISMUS said...

i think you answered your own question concerning local support from the established bike community.
i ss.thought its a great idea and congrats to zombies for pulling it off so well, but this moment will be short lived once the city confronts the issue of bikers not wearing helmets. it just a matter of short period of time before a head injury occurs and this movement will be stopped in its tracks. and thats too bad.

Bike Jax said...

Second Pancake I hear your frustration. I had planned on providing much more coverage on the events. But do to the total lack of structure and hour after hour of watching nothing happen. I would have to take off to attend other commitments I had for the weekend.

Once you resigned yourself that despite a listed schedule. Bury Your Bike was free form organic kind of event and things wold happen in their own time. It was an enjoyable time. But in future I really hope they stick with a schedule.