Friday, January 16, 2009

Ghost Bike Vandalized UPDATED!

Last July Bike Jax & Zombie Bike Co-Op placed a Ghost bike for Chef Johnny Jones who lost his life while attempting to cross Beach Blvd. I received an email a couple of days ago from Cindy Jones, wife of Johnny letting me know that the Ghost bike had been vandalized.

Last night I received another email from a BIke Jax reader (Thanks Dee) with pictures of the vandalized bike.

When I placed and locked the bike. I used a very heavy chain and lock that went through the back wheel. Since the back wheel has been removed I 'm going to guess that the bike is now sitting there unsecured.

If you see anyone riding around on a solid white wheel. Call them out and let them know you where it came from.


With the help of Zombie Bikes Co-Op and the assistance of Shek, Bike Jax has replace the missing rear wheel and tire along with securing the bike with a new lock and chain.

Thanks to everyone that sent emails or posted comments here at Bike Jax. Also thanks to you to the outstanding friends, family and patrons of Cindy and Genesis Cafe for you concern about the vandalized bike and for their continued support and patronage of Genesis Cafe.


B.Gray said...

what kind of low life scum does stuff like this....evil...pure evil man. Ill keep an eye out!

David D said...

In this hard economy I will just assume that someone that is down on their luck needs that back wheel and I am hoping that it helps them.

tom p. said...

i'd be scared to use any part of it. disrespect it might come back and haunt me.

Anonymous said...

its so sad somebody was killed and even sadder that his memorial was vandalized! u really have to be heartless to do something like this.

Arturo Clothing Co. said...

we passed the bike today (1/16) and noticed the wheel was gone. the frame and all is still there tho, i was surprised that they didnt just take the whole thing.

jackdiablo said...

that's bad juju man! real bad juju.

Anonymous said...

Truly despicable. Hopefully karma will get him/her in the end.