Friday, January 23, 2009

Inaugural Bikes & Local Goodies

I'm not sure if you guys have heard anything about this or not. But apparently, this week our nation was witness to the swearing in of a new president. Some guy named Obama. (I think, Don't quote me on that). Heard he's a pretty rad guy however. Read that he is already spanking some Bush policies, so the dudes cool with me. Lets hope he gets all warm and fuzzy about bikes and trains.

Seems that during the inauguration the only way in was to bike or walk. The Washington Area Bicyclist Association set up a couple of bike valet stations and parked over 2000 bikes during the event. They happily report not one bike lost or misplaced. The only problem stemmed from a lone helmet that was misplaced and later found and reunited with its owner.

Images can be found on the WABA Flickr site here. Yet more images can found here.

I would also like to point you guys to a couple of new local features.

The first is a great new site called Jax Reader. Our next mayor, Tony A. (aka. Biggie Tea) over at The Urban Core is a co-creator of the site.

If you like to keep up with all the Jax blog goodness that's going on, Jax Reader is your one stop shop. It up dates continually when any of the local blogs do. Check it out and see how many great Jax sites you'll find that you didn't know thing about.

The second is Urban Jacksonville Weekly.

"A weekly radio show that discusses urban issues, art, development, blogs, media, etc in Jacksonville Florida."

This is just yet another great brain fart by Joey Marchy of Urban Jacksonville.

The show has only produced one episode thus far and has already generated a drinking game. Urban Jacksonville Weekly is going to be something special and a not-to-be missed addition to your blog/podcast list.

You can now also find Bike Jax on Twitter and Facebook if that's your thing.

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