Sunday, January 25, 2009

Craig's List Ad of the Day - The Bamboo Bike

While perusing my RSS feeds this evening, one of the posts on the St. Augustine Craig's List for Bicycles caught me eye. Seeing as I have fetish for Bamboo bikes how could I not get a little tingly about reading the title, Bamboo Beach Cruiser.

Well that's something you don't see often and is completely unique. Despite the asking price of $700 being a little beyond my current bike budget of $35.98. I was still compelled to email the lister and ask for more information and those additional pictures mentioned in the ad.

The Lister also answered a few questions I concerning the drive train and braking of the bike. "It is a single speed with hand operated rear brake drum (BJ note: Roller Brakes). It has a generator but the bulb and lens assembly are missing. As stated in ad there is a label with Bamboo Bike Company October 1999"

The lister is not the original owners so they little info on the history of the bike. They purchased the bike at St. Simons, GA. yard sale and guesses that those sellers were the original owners. I was unable to find any info about the Bamboo Bicycle Company on the net.

Click On Pictures For Larger View

After taking a closer look at the above images, I was a little disappointed to see that bike is really a steel frame wrapped in Bamboo. Only the top tube appears to be bamboo and by the looks of those wicker wrapped joints, I doubt it does anything structurally for the bike. However all the accessories, the fenders, chain guard, front basket and grips are indeed bamboo. Despite not being a true bamboo bike, If you're looking for something unique and unusual to add to your collection. You might want to take a closer look at this bike. Oh, the bike is located in Waycross, GA.

Now if you got some big bucks to drop and want a bamboo bike that is more of a work of art than daily ride. Check out Calfee Design's road and mountain bikes.

Also check out how Craig Calfee is teaching Ghanaian's to build and maintain their own bamboo cargo bikes.

Want try your hand at building your own Bamboo wonder? Instructables has you step by step how to.

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