Friday, August 8, 2008


Friday is finally here. I have been swamped with emails and phone calls concerning The Night Ride. The Support from not only local businesses, but artists, film makers, bike builders and readers of Bike Jax has been truly overwhelming.

Here are just a couple of things that made me chuckle in the last couple of days.

Apparently Springsteen is coming to Jacksonville. A forum for his tour has been bombarding us with hits on the post we did about Jax Bike Taxi. From reading the posts, I get the feeling that the Springsteen fans are planning on consuming more than a few adult beverages. It should be a good night for downtown bars and eateries.

Found in another forum about local filmmakers that linked to the The Night Ride Call For Artist.
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As I was walking down an aisle in Publix a couple days of ago. This caught my eye.

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Publix, I think you may have missed the target market with this image. Everyone knows we cyclists have no shame. When nature calls we will try and relieve ourself with a little discretion. But when push come to shove we don't care who or what is around and won't hesitate to hang or squat. Perhaps Publix should have gone with a crazed broken hearted astronaut.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I also hope you are working on you Bike Art or Funktastic costume for The Night Ride.

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The Bronze Bombshell said...

Maybe the protective undergarments are for one's sweaty cheeks and not for one's bladder. Even if a cyclist manages to relieve him-/herself covertly, that person doesn't want to look like he/she had accident because of excessive bum sweat.

Apparently, sweat is a horrible personal problem requiring clinical strength protection and, now, diapers.