Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Peloton and Other Random Stuff

This is kind of a link dump of stuff I have been trying to figure out how and where to post it. This is how and where.

The first link is The Peloton a series of images by photographer Timm K├Âlln. The Peloton is a gallery of professional bike racers taken just moments after they crossed the line after a brutal long stage of 2006's Giro d'Italia. After a hundred miles of racing, the riders dump their gear and enter a makeshift tent for a quick photo among the finish line chaos.

Next up is the Speed Vest. According to the designer, "The SPEED-VEST is a bicycle safety device and advocacy tool which displays the wearer’s current speed on their back in easy-to-read lighted numerals. It improves rider conspicuity while legitimizing bicycle speeds on the roadway. Originally conceived by Brady Clark and engineered by Mykle Hansen, it just won the Hub Bike Shop’s Bike Gadget Contest in Minneapolis, MN."

I'm really have no idea the what need there is for this vest is. Being more visible is great. But I don't see why cyclists need to "legitimizing speeds on the roadway". Now if this this vest had turn signals and blinky lights. That would be something useful. With it's currently design, bubba will think that the number on your back is your current point value.

From Post-Carbon Comics comes the beginnings of Bicycle Zombie Slayer.

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Lastly I present to you you The Adventures of Dangerous Dave & Brutal Bob. Kind of a whack-a-mole game with the exception that the whackee is the cyclist.

See if you can beat my best 1269.4m


Bryan said...

1283.3 meters.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I could only get 752.5 I need to hit more of those bumps! :-D


eddie spaghetti said...

great blog! I think my wife found it. we are down in key west, where we run a pedicab shop, and are general bike geeks. anyhow, it looks like you got some good stuff going on there. good to know there's a bike culture growing strong in fla.
keep it up!