Friday, August 22, 2008

A Date With Fay

Tropical Storm Fay has been like a drunken party hookup that hasn't taken the hint and is still hang out at your house 2 days later.

I have been lucky so far and only lost power twice for about 30 second both times. Unlike Hurricane Frances which left my hood without power for almost week.

There was finally a break in the rain this afternoon. And It seemed like the rest of the Riverside residents, like me, were tried of being held hostage in our homes by the wind and rain. We all took advantage of the the break in weather to get outside and shake off some cabin fever.

I jumped on my bike headed towards the river with my camera. You may not be aware of this, but 25-35 MPH headwinds suck. Below are the pictures I took while out and about.

For the most part Riverside seems to have weathered the storm pretty well. There is the expected flooding along Riverside Ave..

8th day Tattoo had it's awning ripped off the building and it was laying on the ground not far from the store front. The Anomaly & Nicotine shared awing looked like it was just barely hanging on.

There were lots people at Memorial Park enjoying the flooded park and white capping river. There were actually fish in the fountain.

I guess no good deed goes unpunished. The just opened section of the Riverwalk had a large section of the bulk head collapse under the Fuller Warren Bridge and I stood there and watched as each large wave took a paver or two with it as it withdrew.

The area around Avondale and Boone Park seems like it suffered the most damage from downed trees. Most of the area had been without power since early last night according one of the residents sitting on his porch. The Boone Park bike path is littered with trees and so much debris that at times it was difficult see the path.

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I hope all is well with you Bike Jax'ers who have had to suffer this drunken tramp's unwelcome stay.


Shek said...

i rode my bike to work on Wednesday and people thought I was just trying to make a statement. It wasn't bad at all, just another rainy day and I wasn't trying to make any statement. The office was closed on Thursday and we went to work on Friday. I drove my car to work and almost everyone who saw me asked if I rode the bike to work! Southside was hit pretty bad with all the wind and rain on Friday. Thankfully, we didnt have any tornadoes go through us and power never went off on any of the days.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm in Thailand right now but I am from Jacksonville. I've been trying to follow this storm's wacked trip across my homestate. I appreciate the update and pics here. Incidentally, its monsoon season here and I am staying right at the edge of the Mekong River. This river flooded worse than it has in forty-two years last week... I got some crazy photos from that.

Again, thanks for the entry with the pics.

Terri Hartley

Bob said...

Great to see some photos. Riding in the wind can be interesting. I live on the west end of the Columbia River Gorge and we get some seriously windy days. I usually ride into the wind on the beginning of my ride, then get the fun tailwind on the way home. It makes me feel like I have some serious speed capabilities. :-)

Flappers Alley said...

Thanks Matt! I was in St. A and getting awfully damp in our new digs. I appreciate your pictures. Love, LLee