Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Royal Carriage

The Democratic National Convention is in full swing in Denver this week and bicycles are front and center as a mode of transportation during the DNC. Humana along with Bikes Belong have joined forces to supply 1000 bikes for not only the DNC this week. But will also be providing the same for the Republicans during their convention.

You can find more info and even watch live streaming video about the Freewheeling bikes here and here.

A few of the Denver bike bloggers have pretty good coverage also.

A Year of Bike Commuting

Cycle Jerks

This is how Crown Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands and his family get around.

Dutch Royal Family Photocall

These are the main sources of transportation our faux King George relies on.

Isn't about time for change?

Yes, I know that should Obama be elected, he will also be using the same modes of transport as Dubba. But at least Obama is aware that bicycles are viable sources of transportation. And not just a photo opportunity.

Obama's VP nominee Joe Biden, well he too understands the need for mass and alternative transit. He commutes via amtrak day in and day out between his home in Wilmington, DE and Washington.

While MaCain: "The Arizonan has said shutting down Amtrak — he's if elected — would be "a non-negotiable issue" for him. Short-sighted, indeed."

How the does the current VP commute you may ask? I couldn't find any hard data on how he gets around. But I'm going to take a guess that it looks something like this:


Shek said...

I have been reading "divorce your car" and it is a great book. It starts off as a history lesson showing how we got so dependent on cars. I recommend it. It also helps you understand the cultural difference between the pictures of the Crown Prince and Bush.

jackdiablo said...

I was telling my mother how I was planning on biking to work, just today, and she mentioned how everybody there rides. Between that and the coffee shop menu, I'm considering expatriating.

jackdiablo said...

And by there, I meant the Netherlands, oops.

Anonymous said...

you display your political preference well, but in doing so you also display your ignorance. it is a fact that president bush rides a mountain regularly around his ranch. you can research through varied sources including bicycling magazine. 2) comparing photo to consider one a photo op. the senator is riding a bike which is to small and not ajusted, plus doesnt have air in the tires. the president is on a current model trek not on seen during the 04 election, is wearing cycling shoes and has a camelbak and helmet.

Anonymous said...

i don't think obama should be elected and i dont appreciate anyone speaking for a biking community with their own personal opinions. this post is completely biased