Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Specialty Bike Shop In Riverside

Bike jax has learn that a new specialty bike shop has leased a spot in the Mary Built on Stockton St. I don't have all the details in yet. I do however know that this bike shop will be centralized around the use of bikes as transportation. The grand opening is planned to coincide with (or just prior) to The Night Ride. From what I have already learned about the owner I expect, this shop will be a major and much welcomed contributor to the bike scene in Jacksonville.


Shek said...

That is good news. Keep us posted. Any more details about the night ride?

Biking Viking said...

Theres already a specialty bike shop in Riverside that caters to commuters. Corner of King and Post.

Wordnerdy said...

Cool beans! That's spittin' distance for you.