Saturday, July 12, 2008

Burro's Broke Ass Bag

If you need a quality messenger bag and are on limited funds. You can still get some custom love from the guys over at Burro Bags with their new Broke Ass Bag.

The basic Broke Ass Bag is made entirely out of highly durable recycled billboard material for a sweat shop like low price of $65. Or you can upgrade to one layer of billboard and one layer of heavy duty cloth (your choice of material) for an additional $10.

If you have yet to check out the bags from Burro you are truly missing out. These guys are creating some of the finest messenger bags made anywhere. And they are doing here in Jax. Support your local peeps.

You can find all the Burro info here.


Anonymous said...

Those grocery bags are pretty snazzy.

By the way, I asked my local bike shop owner about getting some Basil panniers. He'd never heard of the company. I told him I wanted stylish, feminine bags, not black bags. He said black bags kept dirt from showing up on long rides. I said I use my bike for commuting, not touring.

Maybe I'll just get the panniers online, like I'm doing with the basket (which I ordered about an hour ago).


Wordnerdy said...

And I was going to send you a link to the Slow Bicycle Movement, but I see you've found it. My comment is three below yours!

Bike Jax said...

Basil Bags are from the Netherlands and have just within the last couple months been made available for the US market through Seattle Bike Supply.

If your bike shop doesn't care it. They can order it. Tell them to order from the from the SBS Catalog.

Or you can order from Niagara Cycle Works. Amazon even has limited selection.

Wordnerdy said...

Amazon's selection is from Niagara, from whom I ordered my basket. (I included a message in my order, asking about the two panniers I prefer.)

I found the SBS site and may ask my local guy about the bags. He said something about a distributor, but between his mumbling and my sometimes poor hearing, I don't know what he said. Maybe I won't order there, though, as he doesn't cut a break on prices (I've seen them higher than other places). Maybe it's time I reconnect with the shop owner in Cocoa Beach.

You may enjoy this video that I found through another bike blog:
Look for the Queen music video.