Saturday, July 12, 2008

Emergency Ride Home - One Less Excuse

Have you wondered what you would do if you had some type an emergency while at work after commuting with your bike? The First Coast MPO is now providing The Emergency Ride Home Program for those that Commute by bike, walking, car-pooling and using public transit.

The program funded by Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) provides you with 4 free rides per calendar year should any of the below occur while you are at the office.

• Personal or family illness or emergency
• Carpool or vanpool driver having to leave
early or stay late unexpectedly (vanpool
driver is required to leave keys to designated
secondary driver)
• Unscheduled overtime approved by a
• Your bicycle breaks down more than two (2)
miles from home
• Inclement weather (precipitation, extreme
heat or high winds) at the close of the
business day (walkers and bike riders only)

The program is easy to sign up for. Just go Here and download the PDF application. Fill it out and mail it to the address listed on the top of the first page.

You now have one less reason not to use your bike to commute.


Wordnerdy said...

Have you heard or read that Gucci and Chanel both have luxury bikes now? I hear Madame Chanel loved the sport and bicycles, but today's brand seems so far removed from her philosophy, at least from my limited-knowledge perspective. Anywho.

Shek said...

@ bike jax

This is a good concept. I think First Coast MPO is being very progressive in their actions but I also think we are missing the point.

We are worrying about the chicken before the egg is hatched. How can we get more people to ride their bikes TO work in the first place? I tried riding on Beach Blvd and University Blvd and I was just asking for an accident to happen.

I want to visit the Art Walk next month and I dont even know if the bus route has bike racks. The earliest bus I can catch is at 5:40 pm and reach the art walk at 7pm. That leaves me with less than two hours to hang out before the last bus at 8:30 departs.

I work at Gate Pkwy and Deerwood and it is absolutely crazy if I have to leave work at 5 and ride to the art walk 12 miles away, stick around for a few hours and ride back.

Lets forget about the art walk. I would like to show up for the Downtown Transit Enhancement meeting's evening session and I cant be there by 6pm. So, they have a meeting for pedestrians and cyclists safety and make it impossible for them to attend the meeting if they live south of JTB!

This has turned out to be an angry rant. As a disclaimer, I have not been abused by motorists lately. I am only trying to do normal things on my bicycle and the city's "planning" frustrates me. I could always drive my car and be everywhere on time but it is not about saving gas. It is about being healthy, reduce pollution and be independent from cars.

Public transportation modes are extremely efficient modes of burning gas and electricity and we should use it more. We should scrap those sky-trains-things and use that money to add more buses and routes. Maybe I should move to Portland OR where my tax dollars are spent in more alignment to my goals. OR maybe I should take a job in my company's Amsterdam office!