Monday, July 7, 2008

Byron's 12 Mile Commute in Video

This is the 55 minute narrated video of Jacksonville bike commuter, local artist and creator of JaxCal, Byron King. The video shot from a camera taped to the front of the riders bike is a bit Blair Witch shaky at times. But it is worth taking the time to watch as the video traces the route of Byron's daily ride from his home in the Southside thru San Marco over the Acosta Bridge and contiinuing thru Riverside, Avondale into his Ortega office.

You'll see from this video just what it is like to commute by bike in Jacksonville. Out of his 12 mile commute, only about a half mile has any bike lane. Due to Jacksonville's total lack of thought for pedestrians or cyclists. You will see what happens when a bike meets a pedestrian while on the Acosta. And most importantly, you'll see that bike commuting in jacksonville is not as difficult or as dangerous as the media would have you believe.

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Shek said...

Kudos to Byron for his efforts.

What is not difficult and dangerous about riding through non-existent bike lanes with heavy trucks going past?
San Jose, Southside blvd, Atlantic and Beach Blvd need bike highways, not skimpy bike lanes. Most people at work that live 5 miles + shy away from commuting by bicycle because of lack of safety.

Shek said...

It is a truly impressive feat to do this every day.

I have been commuting since end of May and my 380 mile commuting experience suggests that you control your lane on San Jose. There are too many drive ways on your right hand side.
Also, from the video, I see that the lack of bike lane and shoulder prompts you to use the entry and exit turning lanes as well as the parking lanes. I would advise against doing that.

Drive your bike!

I get inspired by this video

Byron said...

Hey there. wow. didn't think anyone would be interested in watching it. thanks for posting.

I do a lot of dangerous on this commute. and I only do it 3-4 times a week right now. I'm trying to build up to 5. I've only been doing it several weeks now.

My company has been really supportive though. The CEO has even talked to me about it a couple of times. They let me keep my bike in my office too which is so nice.

Yeah. I really think that folks will have a breaking point on gas where their lifestyles will change. Hopefully sooner than later. 3.85 a gallon was mine. I didn't bike today though and I so wish I did as I'm so wound up. Biking is my new therapy.

On another note. I was at a friends 4th of July party this weekend and five out of like ten males my age at the party were bike commuters. Just random folks too not a club or anything. So I know things are changing. I had some really great bike talk.

cheers all. this blog is really great. keep up the good work.

Shek said...

I understand you being wound up for not cycling this morning. I get breakfast for my team once and I drove my car in the morning. Felt aweful. So much that I went home for lunch and rode my bike back!

Wear a bright t-shirt, light up like a christmas tree and control your lanes.

Anonymous said...

Byron - I didn't watch the video but live near you in San Jose and occasionally ride to work downtown. The biggest challenge at first was getting over the Acosta safely towards Riverside. The solution I came up with was to take the Water Street exit (the first one) on the right, then right down Water to Coastline Drive/Pearl or whatever that first street is that provides access to the Riverwalk. Then, take the Riverwalk down into Riverside. Crossing from the right shoulder of the Acosta to the left hand exit ramp for Riverside is very sketchy unless there's no traffic and you're on a fast bike, and even then it isn't great. I also tried taking Hendricks to the the Main St. bridge (sidewalk) then to the riverwalk, and that worked out pretty well and was easier on the legs, though I haven't figured out the exact best route.


Anonymous said...

Excellent video, thanks for the inspiration. I live in NM and distance to my workplace is 11.8 miles door-to-door. I am preparing to give the bicycle commute a try.