Monday, April 28, 2008

McCoy's Creek Path

I rode over to the farmers market on Beaver street to snag some yummy Tupelo honey on this fine Sunday. I normally just make the trip from Riverside along Stockton St. to Beaver and back the same way. Today I decided to head west on Beaver a couple more blocks and head back to Riverside on Kings St. instead.

When I reached McCoy's Creek I was pleasantly surprised to find this new path running along side of it.

While admittedly it is short with length of only 3/10 of a mile. It runs from Hollybrook Ave. on the west end to Nixon St. on the east. Why it is not longer is not apparent. It has plenty of room to be extended on both the east and west ends. I don't think the city has any plans to do that however. The east end which could have extended to at least Stockton loops back on its self signifying no further extension is planned.

You can see in the google map below just how much room there is on either side of the path for further development.

(Click on Image for Larger View)

Every once in while our city gets something right. The closure of the Smith St. bridge over McCoy's Creek was incorporated into the paths design and I have say is one the highlights of this very short but very well done path.

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The Urban Core said...

I love this path. There is a complete McCoy's Creek greenway plan designed by Tat Chan. It is simple but includes a lot of stop and sit features. Thanks for reminding us about it.