Friday, April 4, 2008

Bike Jax is Feeling the Love

Bike Jax has had nothing but positive responses since it's start up. But this week Bike Jax is really feeling the love. Bike Jax has been given the blog nod of acceptance from Colony Jax and The Urban Core in posts today.

I can't relay how excited I am over up coming Bike Jax projects that I am dying to spill the beans about. But I'm going to stay mum until all the T's are crossed. I will say that even though opening day was missed. Pre-season kickoff will not be.

If Jacksonville is ever going to grow into the rich vibrant city it should be. It is going to have be the Urban Core that leads the way. We (the Urban Core) need to start stacking our city leadership from within our ranks. We have left leadership to suburbanites for far to long and we all know where that has gotten us. And I believe we are moving in that direction with all the work that is being done not only by the blogs named above but by every one of those that are listed on the left hand side of this blog.

I thank all of you for you support and am looking forward to Jacksonville's future.

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