Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lost Pics and a New Logo

I know I have been a little slack in posting of late. Some how last Saturday every picture on the blog got jacked and I have had to spend every moment of free time since rebuilding each and every post.

I had several emails questioning where the obligatory Earthday post was yesterday. Part of the answers lies above. The other part lies with the fact I was, and still am trying to evacuate the bitter taste of hypocrisy that was the Earthday Celebration at The Jacksonville Landing. I think Urban Jacksonville sums it up pretty well with "You might have also been snickering at the ironic-ness of people consuming armloads of promotional materials from companies like CSX and JEA that will probably end up in our landfills this week."

If you want to see and enjoy Earthday done right. Visit the event promoted in the Urban Jacksonville link above.

On a brighter note Bike Jax has a new logo. 
Tell me what you think. Like it? Hate it? Can you design something better? If you do like it. Would you purchase it on a shirt, hat or sticker? Send some feedback.

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