Thursday, April 3, 2008

Art Walk Bike Busts

Art Walk was off the hook yesterday. The re:Charge shows at Burrito Galley and Opaq where outstanding. The crowds were were unbelievably huge and a great thing to see downtown. There were however, at least a couple people that didn't have the best time at Art Walk.

Two cyclist were arrested. The first was riding within a large group and was stopped for not having lights. I was told later that the reason for the arrest was due more to the verbiage used towards the officer than the original offense. The second was well after the first had been taken away. She was arrested for pretty much the same thing after repeated chances to walk away.

If you are going to be riding downtown during Art Walk or any place else after dark. Please make sure you have lights on your bike. The law requires a white light in front and red flashing in the back. It's for your safety.

Now on to a more pressing topic. (ok, not really pressing. Just my views)

If you were anywhere downtown during Art Walk you had to notice that JSO was everywhere. It is something I have noticed increasingly over the last few months of Art Walk. I have very mixed feelings about this trend. I think it is good for JSO to have a presences. But in the numbers they are currently putting out during Art Walk I think would leave one to believe Art Walk and/or Downtown was extremely dangerous. It would be better to cut their numbers to a quarter of what they currently have and get the ambassadors back out and about during Art Walk. I don't see any of them walking the streets during Art Walk anymore and I think that would give anyone that may have reservations about being downtown after dark some comfort. While I don't drink and I have no reason to fear law enforcement. I still find it personally uncomfortable see JSO in roving bands of 10 or more. I'm sure if they had this kind of visibility in those areas of town that really need it. We wouldn't have to read about so many shootings.

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