Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bike Jax Forums Open

Everybody has 3 places. Home, work and Starbucks. Let Bike Jax Forums become your third place.

OK, enough parody of First Baptist. In the hopes of providing more service to North Florida area cyclists. Bike Jax is happy to announce the addition of a dedicated place to discuss any and all topics that affect local cyclists.

We have forums for every style of riding. Commuters, road and mountain all have a place to kick it and find other like minded folks.

Bike Jax wouldn't dare leave the ladies out and created a special place so the gals can hang out and talk about the issues that affect them in the Woman's Lounge.

The Forums include a place to list bikes for sale and a place for the unfortunate to list their stolen bikes.

You'll also find a new calendar for posting your group rides and events.

Head over check it out with the link in the top banner.


PurpleBike said...

You mean Baptist uses the term "third place"?! Eeeek. I wouldn't know, I'm pretty ignorant about all that jazz. What I do know however is that the term "third place" was actually (okay, I'm pretty sure) coined by Ray Oldenburg in his important book, "The Great Good Place".

It's an awesome book about informal public spaces, which I discoverd about a half dozen years ago. The author, who actually lives in northwest Florida somewhere (or at least he did), is really nice. I sent him an email a couple years back and he responded right away. Wikipedia has a brief page dedicated to the book:

I'm just sayin'.

:) Karla

Anonymous said...
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