Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"The days where we're just building sprawl forever, those days are over."

The title of this post came by way of a quote from President Obama's answer to a Bonita Spring's Council Woman's about transportation issues while in Ft Myers today. You can listen to the audio of the entire question and answer below.

Truly amazing to see and hear that not only does our President get it, but also a city council person. Now if we could just pound some of that good bike and train juju into our local leaders.

See the hour long town meeting in Ft. Myers video here.


kelly pope said...

Love it. I'll watch the video as well, thanks for the link. Being away from home I try to keep up with local politics and news as much as possible. It's so strange to divide my life between living in the Loop (where my dorm is for school) and then coming home to live in Mandarin. Mandarin, like the rest of Jacksonville, desperately needs change. Not only in the respect that its agricultural ambit is all but completely lost, but also in regards to the transit problem. It would easily take two hours to get someplace that you could drive to in twenty minutes.

But it's not like I can make my family move. They moved there more than twenty years ago, when it was just a bunch of blueberry and horse farms, and have sadly watched all of that disappear. So how do you cope with living in a sprawled out disaster? How do you try and turn it into something that might work? Rhetorical questions, but I'd appreciate some feedback.

IntownJacksonville said...

great post! thanks for sharing