Monday, February 23, 2009

Running Errands On The Quad

After starting out the day at the Southbank Sunrise followed by a delicious breakfast at The Fox. Shek and I headed over to the westside of town to take a couple pics for an up coming post. While we were driving down Roosevelt Blvd. We both spotted something you don't normally see taking up a parking space at area strip malls.

How could we not stop and check this four wheeled oddity?

It's a Rhodes Car GoBoy with 6 speed front cog and another 6 in the rear. It rides on 20" wheels and is stopped with a single disc-brake. It can be ordered in a wide variety of configurations that make it one amazing little vehicle.

We had only taken a couple of pictures when the owner, Rodney Starke Returned.
He told us he has been using it for the last three years to run his errands and do his shopping from his Ortega home. Rodney said that he made the decision to purchase the Rhodes Car after he got tired of pulling a trailer behind his mountain bike. And with a cargo capacity of 450 pounds there isn't much he can't haul on it. After a nice chat and Shek taking a couple of rides around the parking lot we bid farewell to Rodney and let him get about his day.

Just another example of what can be done with a simple cog, crank and chain. And the desire to get places under your own power.

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Abhishek said...

Other than the practicality aspect of the vehicle I must add that riding (driving!?) the Rhoades Car was a lot of fun...similar to being on a ride in an amusement park.

My only suggestion is to use wider handlebars instead of the standard mini steering wheel it came with.

There are also concerns against riding it on narrow roads with no shoulder. I wonder what the law is for vehicles like this.