Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Most of which is attributed to my health and family. But a big part of life this year has been Bike Jax and I am very thank for everything it has giving me.

Anyone that has known me for any length of time knows I have love/hate relationship with Jacksonville. I love what it could be if it had any leadership with vision and commonsense. I hate what it is. Backwards thinking and a sprawling nightmare of culdesac communities and strip malls. I think that my love/hate with Jax is what pushed me into starting Bike Jax. I got tired of hearing myself bitch about Jax and starting doing something to help make it the place I envision it could be.

Along the way I learned that I'm not alone in my quest for a better Jacksonville. This point was made clear and driven home by the fine people that make up the urban core during my crusade to put The Night Ride together. I'm so very thankful for all that those folks did and what these following people do daily to make Jacksonville a better place to live.


Visit JaxScene
Visit Globatron

I'm Thankful that I live in community that when I walk into (or even just walk by) my local shops or eateries, I'm greeted not by some guy in a plastic vest so ancient he must slouch on a stool to remain vertical. No, I am always happily greeted by the owners and no amount of discount shoddily made Chinese crap can ever replace how that makes me feel.

I am so very thankful for all the new people I have met and the new friends made because of this blog. And most importantly, I'm thankful for not being this guy.

Have a great holiday.


Anonymous said...

Dude, right back at ya! It is amazing that it took a trip to Thailand for me to meet such a great group of people right here in my hometown!

Have a great and safe holiday weekend!


Byron said...

Hey man, really sweet post. I feel you man. really do. Seems my real friends here in town I've met through blogging. We're like AA for each other. Strange how blogging seems to have become the only real community I experience here in town. And we see each other monthly at best, but at least we can share, learn, and grow through it all.

Definitely thankful for all the great friends I've met through the Jax blogosphere. Keep it up Matt. You're helping change Jax for the better that's for sure. Awareness, education, are key.

Cheers mate and Happy Turkey Day.