Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here is the Scoop for Friday night's Bikevemberfest.

Start you evening at Flux Gallery

"Since our inception we have made an honest effort to showcase the abundant talent here in Jacksonville. On Friday, November 14th we will feature the artist Mark Hilpert. Although Hilpert is no longer with us, his work still warrants the admiration of many who knew him or simply have connected with his artistic path. The show will be curated by Raef Godwin who was one of Mark’s dear friends. The basis for this retrospective is to accomplish two things: 1. To earn enough money to start a scholarship in Mark Hilpert’s name that will provide support to local artists that need it and 2. To make works available to the public so that his talent continues to inspire others.
Per Raef Godwin:
Mark Hilpert was an artist of immense talent. He was also a dear friend. In 2006, both were lost too early. Through the showing of his art at Flux, I hope to further honor the work and the friend. His work shows a depth, passion and insight rarely seen. It is work from the soul.
It is fitting that one of the great local artists to come out of Jacksonville has a showing at a gallery that champions local Jacksonville art. It would make him proud. Since his death, I have taken on two goals to honor his memory– getting his art in the hands & homes of people who appreciate it, and attempting to fund an FCCJ photography scholarship in his name through the sale of his art. I invite you to experience his work on Friday, November 14, at Flux Studio/Gallery

Then jump on your trusty steed and head over to Shanty Town for some local flavor.

Then a quick pedal over to the Burrito Gallery for Biggie Tea's Birthday Bash.

"So I have decided to throw (or if you are from new jares) trow my own birthday jam. Its BIKEVEMBERFEST! Come by bike and there is no cover. Come by car and say you came by bike and there is no cover! We will be passing the hat because nobody around here gets paid anyway and our insurance renewal is up at the BBB. So support your local bike co-op, recycle and waxy fabric bag shop, and record store. And enjoy $2 orange parks and $2 millerburgs and some other hourly shot speshes. THATS RIGHT SON!

Oh yeah. Starts at happy hourish. But then the entertainment starts when people start carrying heavy things toward the stage and asking people to move. FUN


The Urban Core said...

YAY! Thanks Dude!

madeleine said...

I totally love that you call you bike your steed...when I was a kid I used to imagine my bike was my horse.