Tuesday, November 18, 2008

B/PAC Meeting Thursday

It is time for the bimonthly meeting of the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (B/PAC) this Thursday. I hope you will make plans and attend.

Thursday Nov. 20th
5:00 PM
1022 Prudential Dr.
Jacksonville, FL 32207

I have also noticed a name change on the MPO website. What used to be First Coast MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) is now North Florida TPO (Transportation Planning Organization) I like the name change. The MPO name was little confusing as to what the MPO does for the general public. While North Florida Transportation Planning Organization pretty much ends any confusion as to what they do.

This should be an interesting meeting. Apparently I upset someone with my post concerning the last meeting. And judging by their statement below (excepted from this months agenda book(PDF)) they didn't read the post in it's entirety.

Click for larger

What Copenhagen Rush hour looks like.


Abhishek said...

Not only that they not read the post in its entirety, but they also did not pay much attention to the comments.

There were two main issues on the post: ineffectiveness of the subtle marketing strategy and concentration away from urban trails and commuter specific facilities.

Your earlier post was very objective and the agenda document from the MOP website is very subjective. They would have come out as very smart and mature had they recognized the pain-points from bike-jax's post in their agenda.

I hope there is some discussion on the two matters of concern during thursday's meeting...especially on urban trails and commuter specific facilities. It would make terrific sense as the pillars of economy are out fighting for bail-out money.

Anonymous said...

I am making this a priority to attend on Thursday. Thanks for the heads up.


Abhishek said...

This is what Springfield MO is doing: