Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Invest In Your Community - Crowd Sourced Funding For Bike Corrals

For the next five days (April 17-21) you will have a chance to change the landscape of cycling infrastructure of Jacksonville. It maybe the most important vote you will make that will effect the fastest change for cycling in the history of the city.

How are you going to accomplish this substantial and monumental change? Its really simple, All you have to do is go to Be One Spark and register to vote. Then over the next five days place a vote for Bike Jax and Bike Corrals.

What are Bike Corrals?
A bike corral is simply replacing one or two car spaces with on street parking for 12 to 24 bicycles. We at Bike Jax have been working on this for a couple years. We were put off by the average cost of around $3000 per corral. So we set about designing and sourcing everything needed locally. By doing so not only are we able to produce a far superior product, but we have been able to cut the cost of a completed bike corral including installation in half. Let's not overlook that by also sourcing everything locally, we are keeping each and every penny in our local economy. Better product, half the cost and keeping it local equals a huge win across the board.

This would be just the first step in what we at Bike Jax plan for a complete overhaul of the city requirements of where bike racks are placed, along with what types are used. Death to the wheel benders!

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