Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mobility Fee Round Two - Update, Possible Victory?

After several City Council and special meetings regarding bill 2012-94 the past couple of weeks, it sounds as though voting on this bill is being taken off the table for now.

Last night during a special committee meeting, it was announced that any decision made on 2012-94 would be deferred for perhaps a year, and a couple of council members went on record saying they had some major problems with the way that this bill is written. The bill included a blanket 3-year moratorium on fees, as well as a loophole that would allow mobility fees to be waived after the three year period in certain circumstances.

I've heard suggestions from city planners that a compromise is brewing, but we won't really know what that means until we see an updated bill. We remain hopeful that any compromise stays true to the intentions of the Mobility Plan, in that sprawl is thwarted and smart infill development is supported. We'll keep you updated!

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