Friday, March 20, 2009

North Florida TPO Disbands BPAC

Bike Jax has just learned the local Transportation Planning Organization, North Florida TPO has put an end to the all volunteer Bicycle/Pedestrian Planning Advisory Committee (B/PAC) stating the TPO's "effectiveness and efficient use of resources, particularly in this time of economic struggles."

Please re-read the bold text above, followed by the italicized text. You must be in bad shape when free ain't cheap enough.

Before I villainize the TPO, I will be meeting with them early next week to gain a better understanding of what the TPO's thought process is for disbanding the BPAC and what their vision and future plans are. Look for that information in a post to follow.

Below is a copy of the letter handed out at yesterdays BPAC meeting. Click it for full size.

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9a is my backyard said...

"the BPAC be sunset as a committee" - wtf is that?!?!?