Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bike Valets At RAM & Green Expo

Bike Jax is happy to announce that in conjunction with the organizers of the Riverside Arts Market (RAM) Free Bike Valet Parking will be provided every Saturday during the market season April 6th to December. Bike Jax will also be providing the free service during the 2 day Jacksonville Green Expo at the Prime Osborn Convention Center April 25th and 26th.

Let me explain a little more about what the Bike Valet service is and why it's a good thing for events.

How Does The Bike Valet Work?:
I'm sure most of you already know how car valets work. You pull up, give them your keys and they drive your car off to some unseen unprotected parking lot.

Bike Valets are nothing like that. They work more like a coat check. You hand off your bike and are issued a numbered ticket and the Bike Jax staff guards your bike and accessories in a secure enclosure until you are ready leave the event.

Why Should I Use The Free Bike Valet Service?
People don’t ride to events where they have to worry about their bikes being stolen or vandalized. A bike parking service ensures that even small bicycle accessories and lights will be safe. Cyclists appreciate the peace of mind of knowing that their bicycle is being guarded by an organization they trust.

Bike Jax is also able to spot safety issues with bicycles that are checked in and either correct them or alert the owner. We can also advise on routes and other useful information for their next trip.

Where Will The Bike Valet Be Located at RAM?
You can find us in the North East corner Just Off Riverside Ave. and the Riverwalk.

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We are still working out the details for the Jacksonville Green Expo and we will let you know more about it once the event draws closer.

Valet Bicycle Parking encourages people to bike to public events. We are currently working with the city to make providing valet bike parking at all events of 2000 people or more mandatory. That would include all major sporting events as well as many other civic festivals and events.

Here is a video from the city of Santa Monica's farmers market to help you with gain a better understanding of how the a Bike Valet works.

Hear more about RAM from Event Director Tony Allegretti today at 5:30 on Urban Jacksonville Weekly live stream.


jaxscene said...

this is excellent!

Linda said...

What a great idea! Bashing your bike thru crowds of people, trying to hold up a bike, purchase stuff and then carry it - too crazy.

Jennifer McCharen said...

God, this is good. Saturday is going to kick so much ass.