Thursday, September 11, 2008

Simple City & New Burro's

While out delivering posters and flyers for The Night Ride today I spotted what has to be the first '09 Gary Fisher Simple City in town at the Trek store in Mandarin. The Simple City 3 is one of city style bike we featured in an earlier post. You can find more information for the Simple City at Commute By Bike & Bikes For The Rest Of Us.

New Bigger Burro's
From Matt & Chris at Burro:

We're almost ready to release our new bags.

There's a LOOK at our first finished medium.

Standard Features for Medium and Large: (M - 1400 cubic in., L - 2000 cubic in.)
+2 Large inside pockets
+1 Outside pentagon pocket
+Reflective buckles
+Stabilizer Strap
+Reinforced Bottom - 3 layers thick
+Velcro flap
+New split strap - padded up top where you need it, now with room for future add-ons.
+New Label - vegan baggage

Standard for the XL (just under 3000 cubic in.):
+Same as above with
+Backpack strap - for extra heavy loads and doubles as a handle
+1 Large outside zippered pocket or pentagon pocket
+Wider stabilizer strap
+Longer padded strap
+Compression straps

Options for all:
+Flap pockets - Velcro shut
+2 Outside pouch pockets - single or double layered, Velcro
+1 Large outside pouch pocket - single or double layered, Velcro
+Light loop
+Leather Burro label
+Strap keepers
+Compression straps
+Outside X straps - carry boxes or large odd things
+Floating Liner - more water resistant
+Right Slung
+Other materials you may have
+Substitute with Recycled Billboard
+Extra cheese and mustard, no sesame on the toasted buns
+Eggs over easy/scrambles/runny over pancakes/Benedict/deviled
+Anything else you can dream up

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