Saturday, September 13, 2008

Selling the Revolution

"Cars have back seats and trunks. Why shouldn't bikes?" That is the simple question that the founders of Xtracycle asked in development of their contribution to the current bike revolution.

What is Xtracycle, you Bike Jax'ers ask. The video below will explain it far better than I can.

Is the Xtracycle revolution having an impact?

Here are some links for you to find out.
Viks Big Dummy.
Groovy Green
Xtracycle Blog
The Surly Big Dummy
If you are seeking more info, just do search on Xtracycle and you'll have enough reading material to keep you busy for days. Would you like some local input or information? Check in with the gang over at Lakeshore Schwinn. I know a few of the guys and gals commute on the longbike daily.

Now that you know what an Xtracycle is. Do you want to build out your own longbike? It's pretty easy if you have basic mechanical skills. Here is a nice time lapse video of a Big Dummy going together.

If the above video was a little too fast for you catch all the details required to set up your own longbike.'s Jack "Ghost Rider" Sweeny has a very nice 2 part "how to" for the build of his Xtracycle. Part 1 & Part 2

How is Jack putting his Xtracycle to use down in Tampa? One of the many ways is to clean up his neighborhood.

Want your own free radical kit? Looking at the Xtracycle dealer list, I found no listed dealers for Jacksonville. I called Xtracycle and was told by the very friendly staff that any local bike shop can place an order from them. This is my next project bike and I have been keeping a keen eye on Craig's List for some time now. When I spot just the right steel frame to convert, look out.

2009 Xtracycle Catalog


GhostRider said...

Thanks for the shout-out -- and the link to my "Recycletron 1000" rides. Good times!

I just got one of those "Gopher" reach-extender grabber things so I don't have to get off my bike to pick up recycleables. I'm going to fashion some sort of scabbard for it (like a modern-day broadsword holster!).

Bike Jax said...

"ust got one of those "Gopher" reach-extender grabber things so I don't have to get off my bike to pick up recyclables."

Now your just getting lazy Ghost. :-)

SiouxGeonz said...

Oh, I wanna gopher too :) Want pictures of scabbards...

My bike shop put mine on for me - my mechanic's eyes lit all up at the idea and he had a blast.

Joe said...
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Joe said...

Garf showed me one of those years ago and I've been itching to get one ever since. One of these days I'll be cruising around springfield in one of those

Shek said...

I order an xtracycle the day I sell my car...and I put my car up for sale by the end of this month.

GhostRider said...

Hooray, Shek!

It's not lazy...the less I have to get off my bike to retrieve a bottle or can, the more ground I can cover -- I'm all about "efficiency" ;)

Sioux, when are you going to come down and go on a recycle-cruise with me? I sure could use some help! You're always welcome...especially with the approaching cold weather (it's still plenty hot down here in Florida).