Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Time to Get Your Voice Heard

Please a take few minutes and fill out this survey. Also keep in mind that the TPO encompasses not only Duval but the 4 surrounding counties and also assume that no one at the TPO actually uses a bicycle as transportation and would have no idea what issues we face on a day to day basis. Be as detailed and constructive as you can when describing what and where transportational bicycle infrastructure needs are. As with all survey style queries not all questions are the right ones. Example, no where in the survey does it ask or inquire about the biggest issue facing connectivity in Jacksonville. That being the lack of bicycle/ped bridges over the St. Johns or the Intracoastal.

Last Call for Regional Bike/Ped Plan Input

Posted on January 09 2013 in Transportation Planning

The North Florida TPO is developing a Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan and needs citizens in Clay, Duval, Nassau and St Johns Counties to complete a short survey.  This input will help planners understand the current levels of bicycling and walking, attitudes about cycling and walking, and opinions about barriers that currently exist.  The deadline to respond is Jan. 31.

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JohnnyK said...

I had a hard time trying to answer the questions in the survey. I wish they had given use all the possible options then it would be easy. I could have said yeah we need all that. Also I have noticed a trend with our transportation planners they keep lumping cyclist in with pedestrians. Don't they know that bicycles are vehicles? Vehicles and pedestrians should never be mixed together. IMHO cyclist should have their own infrastructure or the current automotive infrastructure modified such that bicycles are considered.