Thursday, December 27, 2012

Moving On - Saying So Long to a Friend

I started Bike Jax in February of 2008, I had planned on it being a source for cycling happenings through out Jacksonville and North Florida. It didn't take long for Bike Jax to morph into an advocacy/transportation orientated blog. Bike Jax picked up followers, fans and supports faster than a coon dog on the scent. One of those followers was this weird Indian guy living in the heart of the suburban Indian community know as Baymeadows.

Whatever I posted I could count on a comment and/or email from this guy. Once I finally met that weird Indian guy, I realized that he wasn't so much weird as he was lost. Not so much lost, as trying to find himself in a new job in a new country, in a historically unsociable city. That guy, +Abhishek Mukherjee quickly went from follower of Bike Jax to supporter, to member of team Bike Jax where he gave way more then he took and more importantly he became my friend. I watched as this lost guy not only found himself within the very friendly and sociable urban core, but grew into a valued member of not only the cycling community, but the community as a whole.

As the new year starts Abhishek will be leaving Jacksonville for a new job in the Bronze Level bicycle city of Lakeland. Our loss is Lakeland's gain and I really don't have the writing skills or vocabulary to properly say how much his friendship to me and to the success of Bike Jax has meant. I do have pictures however, Enjoy a retrospective of some Abhishek's adventures on and off the bike.


Ghost Rider said...

Aw, man -- a great loss indeed. I watched the blossoming "bromance" via the very pages of this blog, and I know how much Shek means to you and to the cycling community in J'ville.

Good luck on your future endeavors, Abhishek! I wish I was still in Tampa so's I could welcome you to west-central Florida in person.

Abhishek said...

"If you never experience the pain of saying "Goodbye", you will never experience the joy of saying "Hello" again" -- Andy Johnson

Abhishek said...

I did feel the regret when I realized that I would be moving to Lakeland and you were not in Tampa any more.
Bike Lakeland is doing some cool stuff in their maiden year of advocacy. I am excited to work with them. Moreover, I am excited to start my new job. It should be a fun new chapter of my life.

Thank you for being one of my best friends in Jacksonville. I wouldn't have survived my car-free days without your help. Every time I visit Jax, I want to see more bike-corrals.

Angela said...

Wow Abishek best of luck to you live snd grow in health and happiness -Angela -personalized bike plates

koula said...

1. I'm sad you're leaving, but maybe this just means I have an excuse to visit Ikea more often? I'm kidding! As Matt says, Jacksonville's loss is Lakeland's gain.

2. I've never seen you without the beard. Weird!

dr.strangelove said...

Abhishek is a great guy. Jacksonville will miss you.