Friday, May 14, 2010

Commutes: Night and Day

*Photo is via Metro Jacksonville

Above is what the typical commute that thousands of people face in Jacksonville each and everyday. But what if there was a way to remove a third of that traffic? Would you dear jacksonville driver support a program that not only allowed your travel time both to and from work to be substantially reduced. But also raised your property values along with the quality of life for you, your children and every other person in this city?

There is a way. The video below is a film I found on David Hembrow's site by Mark Wagenbuur. It is of rush hour in Utrecht, Netherlands where 33% of all trips are taken by bike. During the 2 minutes it takes view this video, notice the total lack of automobiles versus the abundance of busses, trains and bikes. It's no wonder the people of this country are considered the happiest on the planet.


Purplebike said...

That's awesome. I want to move there now.

Troy said...

Agreed. What a great way to live.