Monday, December 29, 2008

Bicyclist Struck And Killed By Police Car On 8th Street

At around 11 p.m. Sunday evening a Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer was traveling South on Myrtle Ave. with blue lights flashing when a cyclist rode into the path of the JSO car at the intersection of 8th St.

Florida Highway Patrol has not released the name of the cyclist or officer involved. I'll update you as more information is released.


The victim was 62-year-old Eddie Roosevelt Odom and the officer involved was Nathan Barry Long. First Coast News has video of the unfortunate accident and reports the locations as 9th and Myrtle. The Times Union reports that the accident took place at 8th and Myrtle. Once again the faithful T-U readers happily post their highly insightful and educated opinions. Pay particular attention to those sporting an icon of local pro and college teams.


Anonymous said...

First Coast News has a bit more info: the cyclist failed to yield the right of way to the emergency vehicle and had no lights on his bike.

It's a tragedy any way you look at it. A man lost his life and another has to live with knowing he was driving the car involved.

Hindsight is always 20/20, they say. The rider should have had lights on his bike. The officer was en route to a call for assistance of some kind, doing his job, what we pay them to do and what we hope they will do when we need them ourselves.

Based on the information available now, I don't believe having lights on his bike would have altered the fact that the cyclist still changed his direction to be in the path of the oncoming vehicle, but it might have made him more visible to the officer.


Bike Jax said...

Thanks T.

Abhishek said...

it is sad. my condolences to both the families involved.

Anonymous said...

Pay particular attention to those sporting an icon of local pro and college teams.

I hope that's intended as a guidepost to partucularly offensive posts, and not an indictment of those teams' fanbases. Ignorance, prejudice, cruelty and sports fanaticism are generally not mutually exclusive. Besides, it's established that the T-U comments section is a sewer where all the city's nutcases, shut-ins, and cowardly internet tough guys hang out and trade insults and spew hate.

But on to the more important matter. This is truly a tragic accident, but one that--as already noted--could have been avoided, by both the rider and the officer involved.

That said, keep up the good work.