Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Man Walks $4000 Bike Out of Local Bike Shop

On January 31st a white male in his mid to late 40's walked into Bicycle Etc at 8036 Phillps Hwy #8 and pulled out a 08 Scott Spark 30 and went out the front door with it for test ride. He never returned from that test ride.

The details are:

Retail Value $4,000.00

2008 Scott Spark 30 Size Med.

Serial # F20M07060314

Incident Record # 90983

If you locate this bike please contact MIke Scarbrough At Bicycle Etc. 904-733-9030

With the Value and popularity of bikes increasing. This type of bike theft is a growing trend around the country. It has lead once laid back and open bike shops to now require a picture ID and credit card to test ride high end bike.

Recently, DNA was used from a coffee cup left behind to ID a serial bike thief in Seattle. The tests lead police to a respected physician and bike racer who apparently couldn't control himself around high end bikes. And here is the sad update to the rest of this story.

Bike Jax is a bicycle community endeavor. Any bike shop or individual that has or knows of a bike stolen is welcome to email bike jax with all information for posting. 

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