Best Holiday Gifts of the Cyclist in Your Life

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Still got some last minute Christmas shopping to do for the bike enthusiast in your life? Banish all worries. Here is a brief list of gift ideas.

Tire-patching kits
Anyone who rides, particularly on trails where there’s nothing but nature for miles around, needs a tire patching kit. Do you want the bike lover in your life to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat? No? Then stuff his or her stocking with one of these. Cost: $4.99.

Reflective Tape / Lights
Being seen at night is very important for bikers. You can help to ensure that your friend is seen by cars, dogs, raccoons or whatever else is on the road at night by getting him/her some reflective tape that he/she can sew onto a jacket, vest or backpack. Cost: $10.

Bike gear is not cheap. Bikers on budgets often shy away from buying those sweet sweat-wicking shirts or Kevlar gloves that make biking more comfortable. If you want your loved one to experience more comfort while biking, consider picking up some decent gear for them. Amazon has a good selection, and I like Amazon because it helps us get things for lower prices — and this stuff ain’t cheap! Cost: $5 – $80

Tune ups
One of the best things about biking is that you never really spend more than $200 on a tune up — that’s like 10% of what some people spend on their cars. However, a full tune up is still a significant expense. Help your friend out by buying a full tune up from your local bike shop. Your friend will get new brake pads, chain, etc. Plus anything that needs to be fixed will be fixed, which means your friend can ride safely. And isn’t that what we all want? Cost: $200-$300

What’s on your Christmas list, readers? Leave your top wishes in the comments!

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