Reader Question: Is This a Good Bike Pump?

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Occasionally, people who read this blog write in with questions. Recently, a reader wrote in and asked whether the bike pump that she got from her dad was any good.

“Dear Jack,” she wrote, “My dad insisted that this was the best bike pump to have. But I can’t get it to work! The only thing that happens when I use it is that it drains any air that is in the tires. When I try to pump it, it gets hot, but the air just doesn’t seem to make it into the tires. What am I doing wrong? Sincerely, Jessica.”

She attached this image of the offending bike pump:

bicycle pump

This kind of bike pump may not work for everyone.

Dear Jessica: I’d say the only thing you’re doing wrong is that you’re failing to realize the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” If that tire pump doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. It’s not a failure on your part if you aren’t able to get air into the tires. The pump may be defective, it may not be. It seriously doesn’t matter. There’s one out there that works for you, and that’s what you should use.

It’s an unfortunate truth that dads sometimes insist they know best when in reality they don’t know shit. I assume you’re old enough to head to your local bike shop. Do that today.

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