Bike Helmets Get Fancy

Let’s be honest: bike helmets, though essential, can be unsightly. Worse, they can mess up your hair, and who wants to show up at a garden party with their coif all crumpled and misshapen? The invisible bike helmet is a kick-ass solution but unaffordable for most people. So what are some other options?

A company called Bandbox has introduced a line of bike helmet covers that replicate the styles of yesteryear, and let you go seamlessly from bike to banquet table. Observe:

fancy hat bike helmet cover

Bandbox makes bike helmet covers that resemble fashionable hats from bygone eras.

Looks nice, right?

It can definitely make an outfit work, and help you stay looking stylish after you’ve locked up your bike and arrived at the party. But then you have to sit around with your helmet on all night. Sounds uncomfortable. And if you’re going to take the helmet off, what’s the point? Do you really need to look like an extra from Downton Abbey while you’re pedaling down a bike trail, or navigating through traffic?

Other Stylish Options for Bike Helmets

Nutcase offers some very stylish options for bike helmets that are more interesting to look at than your standard bike helmet. They’ve got everything from dinosaurs to pop-art floral designs to a helmet that resembles a watermelon shell. The designs are fun, and they are a good option if you’ve got a kid who needs a little extra motivation to strap a helmet on.

The Invisible Bike Helmet

I still prefer the idea of the invisible helmet over everything else, though I do worry that the airbag won’t deploy and I will have wasted $500. But who knows. Maybe if the Swedes adopt the invisible helmet en masse, it will spread to other cycling communities and the price will come down.

Well, I can dream, can’t I?

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