Biking the Big Easy

I’ve been neglecting this blog — sorry! I was traveling. Last month, I went to New Orleans. I was curious about the biking scene there. Wouldn’t you know Read More

Biking in New Orleans?

I’m heading to New Orleans tomorrow. Woo! I’ve never gone biking in New Orleans, so I have no idea what biking in┬áthe Big Easy is like. What about Read More

Bike Art from Art Crank

Brighten up your walls with some bike-themed art from Art Crank. Scroll through their selection and you’ll see that they’ve got just about something for everyone: Art Read More

Selling Bike Parts

I’m thinking of starting my own business as a distributor of bicycle parts. The business would serve Jacksonville and surrounding communities exclusively, and the parts I would sell Read More

Tools for Biking

If you’re going to be a serious bike commuter, you need the right tools. Your toolbox should have these basic tools: Hex keys Combination wrenches Cable cutters Compact Read More

Bike Chain of Fools

So this kid busted his bike chain near my house the other day. He was sitting by the curb, crying. (He couldn’t have been older than 10 years Read More