Bike Parts Manufacturer: Experimental Prototype

A cog made by Experimental Prototype. So pretty.

A cog made by Experimental Prototype. So pretty.

It’s raining in Jacksonville right now, so I’m killing time by looking at bike parts online. While searching, I came across a really cool site: It’s a site for a Swedish company that makes experimental bike parts. I’m not ashamed to say that when I saw their photos of shining Titanium cogs beautifully machined on a Mitsubishi EDM machine, I wept.

The website for the company, Experimental Prototype or “EP”, is pretty barebones, and it reads like somebody took the original Swedish text and ran it through a version of the AltaVista Babelfish translator from 2005. But the parts on the site look gorgeous, and the site says they make custom bike parts. I have toyed with the idea of building my own bike from scratch…if I ever go through with it, I might ask these guys to build some parts for me.

I like to highlight bike parts manufacturers like this when I can. There are a lot of people out there who are working hard to create the gears that keep us moving. They deserve a shout-out!

EDIT: These bike parts — like most bike parts — are made with waterjet cutters. I don’t know where I got EDM from. Oops. I guess I thought those two things were the same, but it turns out they are quite different! Color me slightly embarrassed.

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