How to Install Blind Rivet Nuts

blind rivet nuts

I received an email recently from a friend who is attempting to build a bike for the first time. Building a bike to meet your exact specifications — to fit your body and riding style completely — is a pretty rad undertaking. But it ain’t easy. My friend wrote and said he was stuck; the instructions said to install blind rivet nuts, but he wasn’t sure how, or even if he had the right tools. So I grabbed my tools, hopped on my bike and rode over to his house and we did it together. And, bingo-bango, the bike is finished and I gotta say, it’s one sweet-ass ride.

I wish I could help everyone build their own bike. But I can’t. So, lovely readers, since I can’t help you build your bikes in person, I’ll leave you with this handy video that shows how to install blind┬árivet nuts on a bike.

Are Rivnuts the Same as Rivet Nuts?

Yes. You’ll notice that the man in the video uses the term ‘rivnuts’ from time to time. It’s just a shorter way of saying ‘rivet nut’. So if you’re Googling instructions on how to build or repair a bike and see the term ‘rivnuts’, rest assured, it does just mean ‘rivet nut.’


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