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    Rents aren’t necessarily cinomg down. A lot of people are being forced into the rental market, for one reason or another. Maybe they lost their house. Maybe their job. Maybe their job and then their house. Sure, the apartment market is flooded with condo conversions and over capacity. But have you looked for a dog-friendly rental house recently?I’m not keeping my dogs in an apartment. That’s simply impractical and good luck finding an apartment that will allow two large breed animals.So, I’m looking for a rental house, 2 baths, fully fenced yard, with no dog restrictions, within 20 miles of Auburn, outside of lahar/flood paths, for less than $1500/mo. Can’t actually BE in Auburn as they have municipal BSL. Besides, Auburn is a dump. Sorry, Auburn.Go find one for me. And then find me first and last month’s rent, with a security deposit that I’m certain to be nickled and dimed out of, in the end. Oh, wait, that’s half of a down payment on a FHA loan for the same exact house. Oh, and I’ll need a washer and dryer.I don’t have an iClone. I hate them. I bought my current cellphone on eBay for $40, and since it’s out of production, I bought two. Now I have three, so plenty of spares. I don’t plan on buying a cellphone for a long, long, time. They are quad-band GSM Motorola L2s. I have free world-wide roaming with my plan. Of course, out of country minutes cost a little extra but I think they are the perfect phone. Simple, durable, and very hackable. I’ll be using this same phone for a long, long time.My new’ car that I just bought before being informed that I was being kicked out of my rental so it could go on the newly bubblicious market is a 1992 Mazda Miata with over 100 thousand miles on the clock. I paid 3 grand for it. I like cars out of warranty because I like to work on them.You have a valid point. It just doesn’t apply to me. I completely understand, and agree with you just read a little more carefully next time. I am done with renting because I am done with landlords. The last three have been ridiculous. After I dropped close to 25 grand on this last place for a little more than a year, and was given the exact minimum notice to vacate after going month to month, I had had enough.I’m not buying a house as an investment. I think that’s a fallacy a house is a box that sits in the ground and rots. Land may be a good investment, but I need somewhere to live in the meantime.I’m buying a house because I want a place to live, to work out of, in which I can feel secure. Now do you understand? It’s not always about the money in fact, it’s never about the money, for me.Maybe that’s hard to grasp. Rate this comment: 0 0

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