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    What are the best places to get your bike fixed?

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    just jon

    I try and do as much maintenance as i can, and my single speed fortunately doesnt require much to keep it running. That being said, im a big fan of Bicycles Etc on Philips Hwy. The staff there has always been knowledgeable, courteous, and helpfull, even if im just buying parts or supplies to do my own work. Also i have to, HAVE to, reccomend Zencog on Stockton. Its by no means close by for me, but Garf might just be the most genuinely NICE person I’ve ever met in my life, and that little shop packs a big punch. Not to mention thats where my bike and I first met…

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    I second what Just Jon wrote for both of those places. I want to add REI at Town Center mainly because a certain person that is super nice works there and that is where I bought my current bike from. So far all these places have nice and knowledgeable people. Another shop is Bicycle clinic also on Philips near Sunbeam.

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