Selling Bike Parts

Photo credit: andymangold / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: andymangold / Foter / CC BY

I’m thinking of starting my own business as a distributor of bicycle parts. The business would serve Jacksonville and surrounding communities exclusively, and the parts I would sell would cater to the local market. For instance, we don’t have much of a need for snowtires around here but we do need parts that can handle humidity, salt, sand, etc. We also need bikes that can handle long distances, that are comfortable ride in places where there aren’t trails or bike lanes.

I’ve met a couple of guys who work for contract manufacturers who make metal stamping parts. That means they use a process called metal stamping to make parts such as dropouts. It works like this: I tell them what parts I need, the help me refine the design and they make the parts for me. Since the manufacturers I’ve talked to are in Florida, I could ensure that the parts I sell are made right here and boosting the local economy. The guys I’ve talked to are interested in working with me. Now I just have to get a bank to give me the money so that I can pay them.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself. Before I can go to a bank, I have to write up a business plan. I have to do research to see if my local bike parts selling business would be competitive. And I have to think hard about quitting my job and going to work for myself. But it’s not a bad idea, is it?

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