GPS Can’t Replace Common Sense!


People are out of their damn minds. If you’ve won the Ironman, you could maybe keep up with traffic on a freeway. But most people are not Ironman winners, and even if you are one, you should not be riding a bike on a freeway. Do you fancy being sucked under a semi? I mean, I know people ride motorcycles on freeways and they’re no match for semi trucks either. But I sorta think people who ride  motorcycles on freeways are nuts too. I’m probably going to get flamed by some Sons of Anarchy wannabes for saying that, but then I’ll just have to remind them about how Jax Teller died (God, the last season of that show was awful.)

But I digress — a lot. Sorry. It’s Monday. Back to what I was saying: bicycles should not be ridden on freeways. It’s insanely dangerous. But people up north keep doing it. A few months back I wrote about a young girl who rode her bike on the freeway because GPS told her to. Another cyclist was chased off the freeway by state troopers. And recently, a cyclist was killed while riding on a freeway.

All of these freeway bike rides happened in the Minneapolis area. I haven’t heard of this happening in Florida. I don’t think it’s happening up north so much because people up there are dumber or anything. I think it’s because a greater percentage of the population up there rides, which increases the chances that someone on a bike will do something stupid. It’s simple math.

Of course, over-reliance on GPS is a big part of the problem. GPS is a useful tool, but when you treat it like it’s Obi Wan Kenobi and do everything it says, you wind up in places you shouldn’t be…like on the damn freeway. If your GPS tells you to ride on the freeway, stop and think: most people who use GPS are people in cars, and therefore GPS directions are made for people in cars. GPS for bikes is still pretty much in Beta mode*. Before you set out on your ride, look at a map first. Don’t let some automated voice steer you wrong. Or ditch the automated voice altogether. Getting lost isn’t the end of the world. Biking on the freeway could be the end of your life.

*Do you know of a really good GPS app specifically for biking? Let me know. I don’t really do the GPS thing but I’d like to pass along information for readers who do like to use GPS.

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